IT Support Services

IT support is our bread and butter business and we would continue to provide IT support services. Many IT support companies will say they offer excellent support or they’re the best, but as there are no ‘IT support championships’ there’s no way to prove it. We believe we’re doing a fantastic job and our feedback system is showing our customers satisfactions.

While we do support IT, it is also not the easiest way to make use of our services. Before. In the past. IT support has been given at a rate depending on how long each support function has taken (pay per hour).However, we can always do that, you won’t have any idea what your invoice would be because it’s difficult to quote on fixing a fault before we know what the fault is, and locating fault normally takes most of the time and energy, the repair is always quite quick. It can lead to disagreements as to how much time it actually spent to locate the fault, and whether a particular technician should have done it quicker, that is difficult to say except in a test setting because there are so many faults that can happen.

Taking a managed service agreement is usually easier, and more cost-effective. A fixed price per month means that you don’t have to go through every job on the invoice, or you have to make a decision every time an IT issue happens because there is a cost involved.